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Global New Light of Myanmar news site is proudly created and hosted by Sys-City Co., Ltd. The site is for Global New Light of Myanmar company. The company is joint ventured between News and Periodicals Enterprise and Global Direct Link Co., Ltd.

The news site is updated daily. Its main focus is daily news of Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Currently the news site has estimated 26000 news (and counting) under 14 categories.

News site highlight

Here are some of the services provided for the site

    • timely delivered project
    • information organizing
    • mobile friendly site
    • social network integration
    • low setup cost
    • startup data entry service
    • training inclusion
    • complete support for website development to deployment
    • monitoring
    • maintenance
    • backup system

We fulfilled the client’s need and our company objective i.e. ‘to provide reliable and affordable IT service’. This news site is also one of the works to prove many of our competences.

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