Web developer Ruby on Rails (RoR) vacancies

We have 2 Ruby on Rails (RoR) web developer vacancies.

Job description

The position is responsible for development and running of Ruby on Rails full stack web application.

– Medical Record System (MRS)
– Point of Sale system (POS)
– Form application and Certificate issue system
– Lottery notification system
– Sale data entry system
– Movie/Cinema information system

Job requirements

The applicant must have
– web development experience (HTML, CSS, javascript/jQuery, bootstrap)
– working understanding of Ruby on Rails 4 + PostgreSQL or PHP with Laravel
– working experience with git version control
– (optional) knowledge about haml, sass/scss, coffeescript
– (optional) knowledge about deployment (git, capistrano, vagrant or docker)

Apply now

Apply at our office personally or apply via JobNet. Do learn about us before you apply for the vacancy.

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